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Beauvais airport is located about 130 km from Disneyland Paris. To reach both destinations, there are several solutions, which offer different levels of service at different prices.

By Super Shuttle,Service replacing Magical Shuttle

(+) In the shared shuttle option, the price is advantageous since it is 30 euros per person. But you have to be in a more relaxed hurry because the shuttle can stop many times during the journey to pick up other passengers.
(-) By private shuttle, count 195 euros for 4 people.

By Taxi

(+) A private vehicle and a direct route.
(-) A price linked to traffic density. Plan minimum 200 euros.

By MiniCab Disney shuttle

(+) An individualized service: A direct, private and prestige transfers between Disney and Beauvais.
(+) A clear and fixed price: whatever the traffic situation announced in advance, when you book (unlike taxi or Uber). Prices starting from 160 depending on the number of passengers.
(+) Real-time monitoring of flight arrival times to ensure the presence of a driver when you leave. A 24/7 service.

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